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Csaba Beke with his lute

Welcome to the personal homepage of Csaba Béke, Hungarian Renaissance lutanist & minstrel. Learn more about the artist and his performances, download his entire album in mp3 format for free. The site also contains introduction to the Hungarian Renaissance music, a link collection, plus information about the musician's other activites, like the Debrecen Guitar Quartet

About myself

The lutanist in contemporary costume with his instrument

I was born in 1966. I live in Debrecen, Hungary (Central Europe). I graduated from Liszt Ferenc Conservatory, majoring in classical guitar. My artistic emphasis is lute playing and song recital. As for the songs, my main interest is the Hungarian and Transsylvanian Renaissance whereas my repertory of lute pieces consists of compositions by Hungarian, British, Spanish and German composers including Bálint Bakfark (Valentin Bacfarc), John Dowland, Alonso Mudarra, Hans Neusidler, etc. I am a member of the Debrecen Guitar Quartet and I am fond of flamenco music. I organised guitar festivals and camps in Túristvándi (1999) and in Vásárosnamény (2000).
Tel.: (+36) 20/369-4718, (+36) 52/454-921


Diverse recitals and concerts

Solo concerts as well as participation with others in diverse cultural, literary and art programmes and festivals throughout the country like the annual Castle Programmes in Sárospatak and the Hungarian Minstrels' Meeting. Often churches invite me to perform because of the Christian theme of many of my songs. I introduce the literary and musical essence of the Hungarian (and Transsylvanian) Renascence with historical references from King Matthias to Principal Bocskai in my programme called "Recalling Ages" which I perform in schools.

I was invited to the Early Music Festival in Csíkszereda/Miercurea Ciuc (Transsylvania), where I gave a solo lute concert.

Various television appearances

RTL Klub, HírTV, ATV, regional TVs in Szeged, Hajdúszoboszló, PB TV Nyíregyháza, Szamos TV.

History of the Renaissance lute

Solo lute concert

Solo programme "Valentin (Bálint) Bakfark and Bálint Balassi"

Five Bakfark fantasias and twelve Balassi songs are played. The two Bálints were undoubtedly the greatest in Hungary and Transsylvania in their artistic form in their age. It is quite unusual to have five Bakfark pieces, especially fantasias, within the same programme because they are hard to perform. Their concentrated tenor demands that both the performer and the listener pay close attention. The captivating songs of Balassi are meant to ease this tension. Their role, however, is not one of servility in providing diversion, rather, it is one of spirited, lively and passionate refreshment.

Recital related to Principal Ferenc Rákóczi

Lute recital: About Wine and Love

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